Simon is an award winning editorial, portrait, and corporate photographer based in London, available for local and international assignments.
His editorial work has taken him on a wide range of commissioned features around the world including to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Ethiopia, Mali, Jordan, Indonesia, and throughout the UK and Europe. He has photographed global leaders from Barack Obama to Nelson Mandela, CEOs of the world’s largest companies, and high profile business people. 
Simon is both personable and professional, qualities which put the people he photographs quickly at ease, and allow him to work confidently in highly varied circumstances from markets in Tehran, riots in London, to corporate boardrooms. 

Simon has been freelancing since 2005, and in that time has worked extensively for Reuters, Bloomberg News and Associated Press. He holds a BA (honours) in journalism and a National Council for the Training of Journalists Certificate in Photojournalism. 
His work has featured on the front pages of almost every major global newspaper, including the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Times, and The Globe and Mail, to name a few. He has also had spreads in renowned magazines such as Time, Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune.